Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It rubs me the wrong way!

『プリンセス・マサコ』の日本語版の出版がとりやめになった。また、今日のInternational Herald Tribune紙の日本版(『朝日ヘラルド』と呼ぶらしい)には、フランスの日本料理屋を公的機関がフランスまで行ってチェックする、という内容の『天声人語』の英訳が載った。つくづく救いようのない国だと思う。ぼくの記憶に間違いがなければ、「文化」とは本来「政治・軍事力によらない(国民の)支配」という意味だと思うが、この国は政治力で「文化」を管理するようだ。北朝鮮のことをよくバカにできるものだと思う。ついでに、大衆の娯楽などはcultureといわず、sub-culture(サブカルチャー)といったりするが、日本の大衆娯楽の多くもくだらないことこの上ない。2月に開けて、プロ野球のキャンプがはじまったり、アメリカでプレイする日本人選手のニューズが報道されるが、どうもどうでもいいニューズを勝手にマスコミが盛り上げている感がある。団塊の世代の人たちに媚びているつもりなのかもしれないが、悪いが、長島茂雄氏が紅白戦を見たとか、どうせもうポンコツになって使えない桑田や清原の報道なんてしてどうするんだ。視聴者をバカにするのもいい加減にしろ。本当は、こんな2人を飼っている球団やプロ野球界そのものが批判されていいぐらいだ。勿論、桑田や清原自体には、自分の好きな道を進む権利があるだろうが。


If you have a time to report them, there are many other athletes to be reported, I think...

It seems like the Japanese culture is not controlled by government. The Japanese translation of "Princess Masako" is not going to be published. Also, International Herald Tribune (Japan Edition) put a translation from Asahi Shimbun's column "Global 'sushi police' a dubious endeavor." This article says:

Determined to promote "correct" Japanese food, Matsuoka has begun creating system by which the government will give its seal of approval to overseas eateries that serve only "authentic" Japanese food.
(February 20, International Herald Tribune- Asahi Shimbun)

If I remember correctly, "culture" means something that is transmitted not by political or military power. But, in this country, it is done by the government! I wonder why Japan can look down on North Korea...

Not only the culture but also the subculture of Japan annoys me. Since it is February, the media started out reporting baseball. I don't know why, but they report very very silly news items such as Shigeo Nagashima, who has been retired from his coaching position for a long time, Masumi Kuwata, who couldn't play in Japan any more because of the decline of his physical strength but who was hired by a major league team that does not know the fact, and Kazuhiro Kiyohara, who has not played for a whole season within these years and who doesn't seem to play well this year also. Maybe, they would excuse themselves, like "They are popular," or sometihng really lame. But for their excessive reporting, nobody cares Nagashima, Kuwata, and Kiyohara any more.

Of course, some athletes who are not doing well could be popular in other countries, but...
Since I have got too many frustration about this kind of things, I became blunt.

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